Security FAQ's

Do you have a security question you would like answered? Please contact us and we will endeavour to include your questions and answers on this page.

Do I need to let you know , as a customer with a monitored alarm before I change my telecoms provider?

Yes. Please contact us before you make any changes to the phone line the alarm is connected to as this may affect the way your alarm system works.

Will broadband affect my burglar alarm or security system?

Installation of Broadband may well adversely affect your security or burglar alarm system if it is connected to your telephone line.

You should check with us for compatibility of your alarm system before arranging for broadband installation. We also strongly recommend that you check the correct operation of your burglar alarm after installation of a broadband service on your telephone line. If you have a burglar alarm that uses a broadband enabled telephone line it is important not to forget this also needs to be connected through a filter. These can be installed by contacting us.

Theres a problem with my alarm what do I do?

A majority of problems can be rectified without having to speak to a technician. Please refer to your user guide in the first instance.

How can I prevent false alarms?

  • Ensure that everyone using your alarm system has been properly trained in its use and keep the number of people who operate the system to a minimum.
  • Always follow the elected entry/exit procedure.
  • Ensure you have alarm fobs and correct alarm system codes available for use, when entering or leaving the premises.
  • Before leaving the premises check that all your doors and windows are actually secured.
  • Where movement detectors are fitted, do not introduce new sources of heat or movement in the protected area, including balloons.
  • Always inform your alarm company immediately of any alterations to your premises, which may affect your system, including any damage to the alarm system, detectors or wiring. Also any changes to your phone lines if your alarm is monitored.