EU Standards


Since 1st June 2012 PD6662:2004 and DD243:2004 have been replaced by PD6662:2010 and BS 8243.


A new revision of PD6662 was introduced in 2010 with the new version becoming mandatory from 1st June 2012.  As with BS 8243 during the run up to June 2012 installers could use the older version; PD6662:2004.

BS 8243

BS 8243 was also published in 2010.  The new standard has replaced the older DD243:2004 from 1st June 2012 and all professional installers must work to BS 8243 from 1st June 2012.  The main new requirements introduced with BS 8243 are:

  • The standard now covers Hold-Up Alarms as well as Intruder Alarms.
  • Hold-Up Alarms must have sequential alarm confirmation
  • Transmission Fault signals can confirm a Hold-Up Alarm
  • Setting must be in two stages: 1st, start the procedure inside the premises; 2nd, complete setting outside the premises
  • Timed exit is now prohibited

Please be assured that all new alarms systems installed by M25 Security Systems Ltd are to the current standards set out.